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Virtual CFO and Tax Advisory for Empowering Private Practice Owners

Spend more time growing your private practice with peace of mind and understanding of your financials with a tax plan in place by adding a virtual CFO to your team to handle your bookkeeping, analyze your accounting, and plan/prepare your taxes.


A key task to any business is bookkeeping, but it is usually the first thing put on the backburner. Accurately categorizing and tracking your income and expenses can lead your private practice in the right direction and help you pay the lowest tax liability legally possible.


Taking bookkeeping to the next level involves tracking your outgoing invoices and who owes you how much, plus tracking your incoming bills and paying them in a way that makes sense with your cash flow systems. It is vital to review your financial statements at least monthly to understand your cash flow and financial health of your business. Having these systems in place can ensure you aren’t leaving money literally sitting on the table and help deflate that sense of overwhelm you are feeling.

Tax Preparation

Taxes aren’t something you should only consider on April 15th. It involves year round planning and strategies to keep you prepared. Having someone on your team to break down different regulations and strategies can place you in a strong position to grow and remain stable in your private practice business.

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Your Virtual CFO Expert

My passion is helping private practice owners have peace of mind, confidence, and more time to spend growing their business and/or with their families. I love sharing my expertise to help other business owners succeed. My ideal client is an empowering private practice owner, who impacts individuals lives and wellbeing whether that be through mental health, life coaching, or nutrition/diet ultimately helping make the world a better place. That’s why I provide efficient virtual CFO services.

By accurately categorizing your income and expenses, efficiently reconciling your business accounts monthly, and providing you with easy to understand financial reports monthly, I am able to assist you make smart business decisions and plan for year end taxes. When working with clients, I help them know how to pay themselves, get the most out of their tax deductions, and save for taxes.

I am a super down to earth person and love working with other down to earth people. I have three kids, who are my world (along with my dog, Luna and cat, Kira – can’t forget my husband too lol). I love the world of magic and Harry Potter, so I try to make things in life magical and positive.

I’d love to chat with you further to see if we would vibe well with each other and see how I can help you!

Amanda Stickel, EA

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Amanda immediately lifted the burden and weight off my chest with her knowledge about taxes and general business accounting. she is highly organized and came well prepared to our consultation with research about my industry.
She’s very efficient and responsive. She quickly cleaned up my books, wrote reports and answered all my questions in depth.
Claudia Colonna
Book a call with Amanda and book her tax review. The report she sent me was sooo insanely helpful and really allowed me to prepare and plan accordingly with my current business growth! there were so many key points on the report that I would have NEVER thought about or even considered! If you are a serious business owner, growing and not sure how to navigate all the crazy tax “stuff” – book her. Now! – Just do it!
Michelle DeNio
Amanda joined our Board of Directors at Family Counselling Service a few months ago and her service has been even better than i ever imagined! She is professional, prompt, and explains things in a way that are easy to understand for non-accountants. I cannot express how grateful we are to have her on our board. I would recommend Amanda Stickel for any small business or nonprofit. I have dealt with CPAs and Accountants for over 30 years and she is excellent.
Jen Huttemann-Kall

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